MINORITY OF ONE - Glory days

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from GLORY DAYS, released 18 March 2014
Additional guitar by Pablo Magallanes (G.A.S. Drummers)


I heard your words before
Complaining about everything you see
Or anyone who comes up in our scene

You’re wasting the gold days
Letting your own arrogance and hate
Not enjoy what you love

Time slips away
Like sand through our fingers
I guess you forgot
What Side By Side said in their song

Older but not old
That was our commitment
Why can’t you see
The glory days are here to stay

Now, everything has changed
But I can see the same old energy
Hidden between fashion and shit

Stuck, always in the past
It isn’t worth, my friend
We miss you here
That bound would never break

Chorus again.

This is our glory day (x4)


from UNDERGROUND COMPILATION VOL II, released June 23, 2014
Five guys involved in the Andalusian Hardcore/Punk scene since years, trying to play some melodic core and singing about politics, PMA, bodyboarding and the scene.

Born in 2011, the current members in Minority Of One played in Truth Through Fight, a youth crew hc band with a bunch of issues released and several tours through America or Europe.

MO1 supports veg(etari)an lifestyle and DIY ethic.

The glory days of stage dives and high fives are here to stay. Stop looking back to the past. Stop thinking about the 80's or 90's as if those years were the only ones where punk or hardcore was real. It's sad to see how, as we get older and time goes by, many kids only focus on the negative side of everything done in the hardcore/punk scene, spending their time critizing, complaining and destroying what others make with effort. Of course there is lot of shit in this like stereotyped behaviors, dress codes, gossip and rumours..., but there is still so many good things behind all that crap. Remember what Side By Side told us "Never too young, never too old, to stand fucking hard"

"Los días de gloria están aquí. Dejemos de mirar hacia el pasado como si solo los 80s o 90s fueran los únicos en los que el punk o el hardcore merecían la pena. Es una mentira absoluta creer que cualquier tiempo pasado fue mejor. Nos entristece ver cada vez a más amigos focalizan su atención en el lado negativo de nuestra escena. Está claro que hay mucha mierda como las actitudes estereotipadas, la moda, cotilleos, rumores,... pero siguen existiendo demasiadas cosas buenas. Recuerda lo que nos decía la banda Side By Side "Nunca demasiado joven, nunca demasiado viejo, mantente fuerte"
from GLORY DAYS, released 18 March 2014
Additional guitar by Pablo Magallanes (G.A.S. Drummers)



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